2D Echocardiography

2D Echo Test in Pune Hardas Heart Care

At Hardas Heart Care, we strive for accurate diagnosis with authentic reports in all diagnostic procedures. We have one of the best, high end unprecedented 2D image quality and a host of easy-to-use quantification, clinical performance, and information management tools, the Philips IE33 Echocardiography system, which addresses the clinical needs of managing patients with cardiac disease, including heart failure, valvular disease, and congenital heart disease.

With 3,000 elements and breakthrough, PureWave technology of IE33 machine supports any cardiac ultrasound exam, including 2D, Color flow, Tissue Doppler imaging, and contrast-enhanced exams.

Acquires crisp, high-resolution 2D images, even on most difficult patients. With premium image Quality the most important part in correct diagnosis is taken care of.

Image the entire heart in 3D, in real-time with Live Volume, enlarge and rotate volumes with iCrop facility.

The Automated Stress Echo facility reduces your stress in echocardiography procedures in cardiac patients.

The facility of echocardiography Philips IE33 gives accurate 2D and 3D LV function and regional wall motion assessment. The waveform display provides accurate data for assessing global function based on LV volume, ejection fraction and stroke volume.

This IE33 Echo machine is helpful in Adult Echo, Cardiac Screening / Survey, Fetal Echo, Neonatal Echo, Pediatric Echo, Stress-Echo and TEE. With full Doppler functions, we can perform Arterial Doppler, Carotid Doppler, Transcranial images and Venous Doppler studies.

The live 3D TEE (Transesophageal echo) provides with views of cardiac structure and function. It’s quick, reproducible and quantifiable.

Dobutamine stress echocardiography: Gives the ease of performing stress-inducible myocardial ischemia (Pharmacological stress) in patients unable to perform exercise stress tests.

Contrast-enhanced echocardiography: It can be conveniently used with good sensitivity for inducible myocardial perfusion defects, fixed perfusion defects detection and avoids cumbersome and more expensive tests like Stress Thallium or Viability (PET), without exposure to radioactive material.