ECG Holter

ECG Holter Monitor Test in Shivaji Nagar Pune

At Hardas Heart Care the Holter Analysis and Monitor facility helps us taking steps to prevent sudden cardiac death.

The MARS Ambulatory ECG system captures and stores every heartbeat of our patient, and then provides a computerized ECG analysis using a full suite of algorithms. The Marquette analysis programs are a sophisticated set of tools that measure anomalies, such as Heart Rate Turbulence and T-wave Alternans, which could be missed by the human eye.

Full-disclosure Holter analysis and Marquette algorithms, that empowers us with diagnostic confidence and the ability to provide proactive, life-saving treatment.

This test is indicated in patients who have experienced episodes of syncope (Loss of consciousness), sudden onset of palpitations, giddiness. The occurrence of silent myocardial ischemia is common in certain subsets of patients (e.g. Diabetics). Holter monitoring helps us to detect these episodes, so that appropriate treatment can be prophylactically carried out.