Cardiovascular health is the heart of a happy body.

# At Hardas Heart Care, our experts specialise in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to the heart, coronary arteries and heart valves. Expanding our focus to compassionate patient care, our state-of-the-art facility places strong emphasis on not just prevention and early detection, but also lifestyle modification and recuperation. Partnering with you right from a proactive and preventive approach in the form of pre-habilitation through follow up care, we ensure you get back to your active, healthy life as soon as possible.

Hardas Heart Care is designed to provide a full spectrum of cardiac services to both the community and our pa-tients. A lifestyle centre in itself, our facility is dedicated to holistic mind-body restoration and awareness. Inclu-sive of a 60-seater auditorium, this facility provides a platform for future family physicians and cardiologists to exchange expertise and bridge knowledge gaps while preparing them for the larger benefit of the community. Additionally, we cater to patients and peers who seek to increase their knowledge about cardiovascular illness-es, subsequently enhancing their lifestyles.

The pioneering spirit of Hardas Heart Care, Dr. Suhas Hardas's wisdom and enthusiasm is evident from the moment you set foot into the clinic. With smiling faces, passion and dedication, our highly specialised team of doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists and clinical staff have enabled Hardas Heart Care to cement its reputation as a leader in private cardiac care.

Follow your heart to Hardas Heart Care.

The Heartbeat of Hardas Heart Care


Along with vision, compassion and dedication, all encompassing cardiac care requires proper co-ordination. Giving patients and their families much more than what they expect, our associate doctors support you with all the care and information you need during your treatment.

The strong trio of Dr. Prasad Mulay, Dr. Nilesh Savant and Dr. Vinita Dikshit leave no stone unturned when they serve as your expert guides right from your initial evaluation through procedures, surgery and recuperation.

They work with you to answer challenging questions you or your loved may have as well as develop a plan of action, acting as a liaison between you and your cardiologist giving both parties crucial information. Their active support leads to a huge positive impact on the outcome of your procedure.

Our Team


Dr. Prasad Mulay B.A.M.S.

Having worked with Dr. Hardas for over five years, Dr. Mulay handles the hospital-patient co-ordination in the Western Zone of the city. He also has to his credit successfully completed a certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support.


Dr. Nilesh Savant B.H.M.S.

Co-ordinating the Southern Zone for over a decade, Dr. Savant brings with him a plethora of experience and knowledge. With a stint at the prestigious Ruby Hall Clinic as a casualty medical officer, he has also received certifications in basic as well as advanced cardiovascular life support.


Dr. Vinita Dikshit B.H.M.S.

The Chief Co-ordinator at Hardas Heart Care for over three years, Dr. Dikshit ensures thorough follow-up with referring doctors. This in turn leads to a hassle-free transition. She is also the key link between all the staff at the clinic, thus ably maintaining smooth functioning of this facility.