Diagnostic Services

Whether you are suffering from a congenital heart disease or an increased risk of heart disease due to obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol, we at Hardas Heart Care are proud to partner with you and your loved ones to detect, diagnose and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will help improve your quality of life.

Cardiac Consultation

Our cardiac consultation gives you a one-on-one opportunity to seek advice, diagnose and discuss individual cardiac issues, including


At Hardas Heart Care, we take your heart health seriously. While measuring the electrical activity of your heart, we conduct an…

2D Echocardiography

At Hardas Heart Care, we strive for accurate diagnosis with authentic reports in all diagnostic procedures.

Stress Echocardiography

While a regular echocardiogram provides us with a clear image of your heart at rest, a stress echo goes a step further by providing a picture…

Treadmill / Stress Test

The GE’s CASE Exercise Testing System at Hardas Heart Care is a stand-alone,

ECG Holter

At Hardas Heart Care the Holter Analysis and Monitor facility helps us taking steps to prevent sudden cardiac death.


Another added facility in diagnostic department at Hardas Heart Care is 24-Hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Lipid Profile and Blood Sugar

Blood tests help determine the risk for disease, diagnose disease or follow the progress of treatment…

Dietetic Counselling

The therapeutic role of Diet and Nutrition in treatment of Cardiac Diseases and metabolic disorders is vital

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation at Hardas Heart Care is a highly personalised, yet comprehensive clinically supervised programme. It is specifically…

Patient Counselling

Cardiac ailments are believed to impact one’s lifestyle and may subsequently affect a person’s relationships with their friends or family. Talking…

In House Pharmacy

The best of treatment is only possible with the best medicines. In an endeavour to simplify your search for medicines, our pharmacy provides…