Dr. Suhas Hardas

# At Hardas Heart Care, our experts specialise in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to the heart, coronary arteries and heart valves. Expanding our focus to compassionate patient care, our state-of-the-art facility places strong emphasis on not just prevention and early detection, but also lifestyle modification and recuperation. Partnering with you right from a proactive and preventive approach in the form of pre-habilitation through follow up care, we ensure you get back to your active, healthy life as soon as possible.

"I consider myself a health crusader who is strongly committed to compassionate patient care with a focus on quality of life" says Dr. Hardas.

Dr Hardas has received much fame and recognition for performing and mastering groundbreaking procedures in the field of cardiology. A specialist in coronary angioplasties and interventions, he has successfully performed over ten thousand coronary angioplasties as an independent operator, even in the most complex of cases. In fact, he is extensively trained in not just coronary interventions but also electrophysiology and cardiac resynchronisation. Dr Hardas uses his dedication and God-given talent to take on seemingly impossible operations, which has led to him performing the highest number of post MI VSD closures in the state of Maharashtra amongst other feats.

Having completed his M.B.B.S. and M.D. from the prestigious B.J. Medical College, Dr Hardas went on to complete his D.M from Grant Medical College, Mumbai. To quench his unending thirst for further education, he was thereafter awarded fellowships in Interventional Cardiology as well as Electrophysiology and Pacing in Australia. This was followed by a post-fellowship training in Mitraclip (percutaneous repair of the mitral valve) in the USA. An accomplished international cardiologist, Dr Hardas has been recognised with numerous academic, professional, and patient-driven awards.

Practising at premier medical institutes such as Ruby Hall Clinic and Poona Hospital, it was in early 2010 that Dr Hardas established his flagship cardiac centre - Hardas Heart Care. A holistic centre, this facility caters to a range of cardiac ailments going beyond just medicine. Here, he is backed by a team of experienced specialists in every branch of cardiac care and rehabilitation.

“I’m a strong proponent of preventive medicine. While we aim to raise patients’ awareness about their own wellbeing, this centre treats your heart, calms your mind and heals your soul ”, he says.

In his work, Dr Hardas reaches beyond the scope of medicine and is deemed by many as a dedicated philanthropist. While a number of medical programs facilitate cardiac care for the economically backward communities, Hardas Heart Foundation, established in 2012 adds a futuristic approach to cardiac well being. Enhancing a connected and united foundation while increasing knowledge, Dr Hardas’s immaculate oratory skills come into play during a number of awareness programs undertaken by the foundation. With the vision to empower people to help save lives, he conceived the idea of Vardaan, open to all, voluntary CPR training workshops.

With an all-encompassing global experience in Germany, Australia, USA and India, Dr Hardas leaves no stone unturned when it comes to increasing awareness about preventive techniques of cardiovascular diseases. In addition to his exceptional achievements, he is a widely sought after motivational speaker and live demonstrator, who has addressed a variety of audiences at a number of prestigious national and international medical congresses.

Dr Hardas speaks passionately about the cause he believes so firmly in. “One of my key responsibilities as a cardiologist is to help people understand that heart health and cardiovascular disease risk are measured in decades. I believe a huge part of healthcare is prevention, and I stress the importance of activities such as exercise, that could reduce the risk of heart disease.”


  1. Live Case Workshop on Complex Interventions with Japanese operator

    Mizuki Hirose at Poona Hospital

    Done 2 complex interventions with Mizuki Hirose
  2. Live case transmission to Russia from Poona Hospital
    TCT, Russia-Live case of Left Main-Bifurcation.
  3. Speaker/Faculty for IDEC 2017
    Discovering CCB at The Westin, Pune, India for Physicians/


  4. Delegate for TAVR @ Hotel Holiday Inn, Delhi, India.

    1st INDIA VALVES: Trans-catheter Heart Valve And Structural


  5. Faculty and Case Presenter: UCTO @“TOPIC” in Tokyo, Japan.
    a. Case presented: Contrast guided MINI STAR as Bailout-LAD CTO


    b. Expert comments on “How would you solve the complicated situation in the


  6. TAVR cases in Germany
    Hands on training in TAVR cases at Elizabeth Kirkin House (Hospital),

    Essen Town, Berlin, Germany.

  7. Course Co-ordinator and Speaker
    ECG BEAT Workshop @ J. W. Marriott, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  8. National Faculty
  9. National Faculty
  10. National Faculty
  11. National Faculty
  12. National Faculty
  13. National Faculty
  14. National Faculty
  15. National Faculty
  1. Primary Live Case Operator
    India Live 2016- Bifurcational lesion using IVUS transmitted to Taj

    Palace, Delhi, India 

  2. Participation in International 3D Echo Workshop.
    18th Annual State-Of-The-Art Echocardiography Conference


  3. Presentation and Operator of 4 Complex cases.
    Complex Cases Angioplasty Workshop in CHL, Indore.
  4. International Invited Faculty
    TCTAP, Seoul, South Korea
  5. 12th annual Complex Cardiovascular Catheter Therapeutics (C3)
    Advanced Endovascular and Coronary Intervention-Global Summit at

    Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida.

  6. Awarded Faculty
    Hyderabad Live, Hyderabad, India
  7. Hands on training on IVUS
    The 7th China IVUS Academy Advanced Training Course, Shanghai,


  8. Live case transmission from PH
    TCT, India at Delhi
  9. Faculty @ Lisbon, Portugal
    Emerging Market Interventional Cardiology Summit
  10. Awarded Faculty
    Heart Failure Scientific Forum
  11. Live Case Workshop on Complex Interventions with Japanese operator

    Satoru Otsuji at Poona Hospital

    Done 6 CTO cases with Dr. Satoru Otsuji
  12. Awarded Faculty
    CSI, 2016 @ Kochi, Kerala, India 
  1. Guest Speaker
     The Board of Directors of the India-Thai Chamber of Commerce,

    Bangkok, Thailand

  2. Awarded Faculty
    CSI-NIC Haryana Chapter-Mid-term Meet, Delhi NCR 
  3. Awarded Faculty
    Hyderabad Live, Hyderabad, India 
  4. Member of Ethics Committee
    Poona Hospital and Research Centre, Pune, India 
  5. Principal Investigator
     CANTOS (Novartis MI trial)-Germany, Mumbai, India
  6. Faculty & Primary Operator for Live Case
    Hyderabad Live, Bifurcation Summit Meeting, Hyderabad,


  7. Faculty & Member of Medical Advisory Board.
    Asia BRS Summit, New Delhi, India.  
  8. Faculty & Member of Novartis Investigator Meeting
    International Investigator Meeting @ Mumbai 
  9. Awarded Faculty
     Trans-catheterTherapeutics, USA
  1. Course Director
    Saaransh, Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. Primary Operator for Live Case
    Left Main/Bifurcational lesion using IVUS transmitted to Florida, USA

    for C3 Interventional and International Congress, Pune, India

  1. National Faculty and Speaker
    India Live, Chennai, India 
  2. Awarded Faculty for CME
    IMPRESS (Improving post MI outcomes and decreasing triglycerides with

    n3 Ethyl esters of EPA and DHA). 

  3. Guidelines Formulation Committee
     PCI, New Delhi
  1. Awarded Faculty
    SCAI Investiture Ceremony, Bengaluru, India
  2. Awarded Faculty
    National Interventional Council, Kochi, India
  3. Speaker
    AICT, Haryana, India
  4. Speaker
    India Live, Delhi, India 
  5. Primary Operator for Live Case
    CSI-Eastern India Chapter-Interventional Meeting, Calcutta
  6. Primary Operator for Live Case & Awarded Faculty
    NIC-CSI-Mid-term-Interventional Counsel Meet, Kochi, India
  7. Awarded Faculty
    SCAI, Bengaluru
  1. Guest Faculty
    PCR 2011 @ Paris
  2. Certificate of Appreciation
    Elaxim Indian Registry
  3. Awarded Faculty
    TCT 2011
  4. International Faculty
    Trans-catheter Therapeutics, San Fransisco.
  5. Speaker
    India Live, Mumbai, India
  1. Awarded Faculty
    CCT, India
  2. International Faculty
    Trans-catheter Therapeutics, Washington D.C.
  3. Awarded Faculty
    TCT, India
  4. International Faculty
    China International Therapeutics, Beijing
  5. International Faculty
    Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutic, Kobe, Japan
  1. Best of ESC India
    Chairperson, Cardiological Society of India
  2. Awarded Faculty
    ENCORE- APSIC, Seoul, Korea 2009
  3. Awarded Faculty
    Summit TCT, Asia Pacific 2009 @ Seoul, Korea
  4. International Faculty
    Trans-catheter Therapeutics, Angioplasty Summit, Seoul,


  1. International Faculty
    Guidelines Formulation Committee, Brussels, Belgium
  1. Awarded Faculty
    Trans-catheterTherapeutics, Washington D.C.
  2. International Faculty
    China International Therapeutics, Beijing
  3. Best Performed Case of the Year
    Trans-catheterTherapeutics, Washington D.C.
  4. International Faculty
    Trans-catheter Therapeutics, Washington D.C.
  1. Awarded Faculty
    Indian College of Cardiology
  2. International Faculty
    Malaysian Cardiovascular Interventional symposium (Malaysia Live)

  3. International Faculty
    China International Therapeutics, Beijing
  1. Awarded Faculty
    Cardiac Society of India
  1. Awarded Faculty
    Association of Physicians of India

Rewarded As a Faculty

  • APICON, Agra, India
  • APICON, Hyderabad, India
  • MAPICON, Nagpur, India
  • MAPICON, Mumbai, India
  • MAPICON, Aurangabad, India
  • MAPRICON, Latur, India
  • MAPRICON, Aurangabad, India
  • MAPRICON, Nanded, India

Principal Investigator in Clinical Research Trials

  • SHIFT: Effect of Ivabradine on cardiovascular events in patients with moderate to severe heart failure and left ventricular dysfunction
  • UMPIRE: Phase III use of multidrug pill in reducing cardiovascular event
  • ALECARDIO: Phase III: Cardiovascular outcome study to evaluate the potential of aleglitazar to reduce cardiovascular risk in patients with recent ACS event and type II DM
  • APPRAISE-2 (Apixaban): ELIQUIS Phase III trial: A direct faction Xa inhibitor, is part of class of agents being studied for their potential to prevent and treat blood clots
  • BIOMIME: Phase IV trial: post marketing surveillance and evaluation biomime coronary stent
  • CANTOS: Phase III trial: Prevention of recurrent cardiovascular events among stable post MI patient with elevated hsCRP (ongoing)
  • ENGAGE AF: Phase III: Ivabradine and outcome in Chronic Heart Failure (SHIFT); A randomized placebo-controlled study
  • RELAX ASIA: Phase III study to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of drug when added to standard therapy in HF patients (ongoing)
  • PARAGON: Randomized, double blind study to evaluate efficacy and safety of drug in HF patients with preserved ejection fraction (ongoing)