Prehabilitation Clinic

Prehabilitation Clinic in Shivaji Nagar, Pune

Prehabilitation, or “Prehab,” is a form of rehabilitation designed to increase one’s ability to function in anticipation of an upcoming elective Cardiac procedure, surgery or other major medical treatment.

Scientific evidence supports the value of preparing patients for optimizing their health prior to treatments, Procedure and/or surgery. Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Services is here at Hardas Heart Care to help patients optimize their outcomes and maintain the desired level of quality of life and well–being.

Prehabilitation interventions will be tailored to each individual’s needs following the evaluation of many factors, including the patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan, and any other pre-existing health conditions.

Benefits of Prehabilitation

  • Helps patients feel better and/or stronger and improves functioning before treatment,
  • Prepares patients for the physical challenges faced following treatment,
  • Improves patients psychological outcomes,
  • Decreases hospital readmissions, and
  • Reduces cardiac-related health care costs.

Depending on the patient’s diagnosis and functional limitations, our health care team might recommend interventions such as specific exercises to improve strength and endurance, nutrition counseling, and/or strategies that can help decrease stress prior to the start of treatment and elective cardiac procedures.